Combining Online and Offline Marketing

Online and offline marketing work perfectly together; offline events are supported by online campaigns. Online ads, promotions, social sharing, and blog posts dedicated to the events attract people. After an offline event, you can use it to help generate quality content for online discussions. It will give you something valuable to present to your target audience, while attracting new customers to your business. Also, remember that offline events get live streaming through online activities – tweets, Facebook posts, links, likes, Instagram pics, etc. All of this will attract a lot of attention.
Customers today still prefer to see and touch your products in real life experience. By reaching out to your customer base offline, you will make them feel significant. Not all of your customers are going to want the same thing. So, make sure you respond to all your customer’s queries, no matter how they decide to contact you. Responding to your customers will drive their loyalty to a new level. A mistake businesses make online is that they tend to construct their content and responses so they look automated. This will completely turn off your customers. You must provide a personal touch in all your communication with your customers.
Another idea is to add a live chat to your website or blog, and tweet and talk about something valuable online. After an offline event, make sure you follow-up with all the attendees through as many social channels as possible. You can share photos, videos, or impressions. You can even use offline customer interactions in your online content. You could do something like write an article or a blog post about what your live survey has shown. Remember, everything that is shared at a live presentation has the potential to become valuable content. Don’t let your offline event go to waste.

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