What is SEO-Friendly Content?

When people start to become obsessed with their online content being SEO-friendly they start writing content for the search engines instead of for people. Search engines want to provide content that is interesting and informative. Content that is too optimized is not fun for your customers to read. Concentrate on writing content that is relevant. If all you’re doing is trying to write content to fool search engines into thinking it’s something it’s not, it will eventually be discovered and you’ll lose rank or you can even be banned.
You should still use keywords though in your content. It is better to put keywords at the beginning of your content. Whatever the topic of your content is, you should have that keyword in the title and first sentence. The search engines prefer repetition. Once you have your keywords or keyword phrase, you want to repeat it several times throughout the content. For example, you could repeat it two times in the first paragraph, once in the main heading, 2-4 times throughout the main content, and 2 to 3 times in links on the page.
Search engines only look at content that is in HTML text format. If you have an entire website done in flash you probably won’t be recognized by search engines. Search engines are looking for those relevant keywords. When a search is performed, the search engines look for pages to retrieve based on the words entered into the search box. Try to be very specific with your keywords. The more specific you are, the better chance you will rank based on less competition. You can no longer just stuff keywords into content and use paid linking schemes because they result in a bad user experience and little focus on content quality. SEO-friendly content is quality content.

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