Who is managing your Online Reputation?

If you are not actively managing your online reputation than someone else is. One bad review posted by an unhappy customer can destroy your online reputation. You have, no doubt, spent a lot of time and effort in developing your brand, your company’s values, and unique voice. That is why it is so important to protect your online reputation.

A poor online reputation will prevent any prospective customers from being able to trust you. Customers will pay more for a product or service from a company they trust. This is why you should be monitoring and managing your online reputation. You should be aware of internet pages that may affect your online reputation. Seven out of ten global business executives see their online reputations as vulnerable. Today’s business environment is brutally competitive and unpredictable.

Once your online reputation is wrecked it will be extremely difficult to fix. Your biggest threat online is going to be negative media coverage. This is followed closely by customer complaints. Many businesses hire people to manage and monitor their online reputation. The risk of a damaged online reputation due to dishonesty or safety can cause serious destruction to a company’s finances.

To put this in perspective, it will take the average company 3 and half years to fully recover from a damaged online reputation, and then another 3 and half years to go from good to great. Protecting your online reputation is a full-time job. It is advisable to have one person at your company who strictly is in charge of this. Otherwise, you should hire professionals to watch your online reputation. You have spent years and vast resources to build a positive online reputation, right? Then wouldn’t it pay to protect it?

If you notice something online that threatens your business’s online reputation make sure you address it immediately. However, the time and energy spent on prevention is far less than will be spent on recovering from a damaged online reputation. The more positive content about your business online, the weaker any negative content will become.

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