Our Story

After spending 100′s of hours with small business owners coaching them on marketing strategy, marketing tactics, and planning it become clear that online marketing was a mystery for most small business owners.

We are constantly getting questions about Facebook ,Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and Google Adwords (just to name a few). Or should I hire this SEO company that keeps hounding me to increase my search results online. No doubt, all of these marketing tactics online work.

Here’s The Missing Piece…

Online marketing is fairly technical. A “black box” for most busy small business owners. We found that most small business owners were so overwhelmed with what online marketing tactic to use next they actually never did anything.

That’s Where Local MarketSense Comes In…

Local MarketSense was founded by Glenn Froehlich and Matt Muren. We are both marketing consultants and marketing coaches for small business owners with over 29 years of experience in selling and marketing. We know the frustrations most small business owners face.

We started hearing what you the small business owner was actually saying. You know you need to leverage the Internet to grow your business, but you are too busy.

Finally, Done For You Online Marketing!

Local MarketSense was founded with one mission. Our goal is to de-mystify local online marketing by doing it for you within a fixed monthly budget. Just like you pay your Yellow Page bill, or better yet your power bill we get you consistent results in your local online marketing space without the headache of understanding the black box.

We are here to help you the small business owner succeed online.

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